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What explains our feelings and emotions better than animated clips? These clips can be of any kind, simple and artistic or loud and colorful. However, the major question running in m... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

AnimeMaker review

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Amy Morton

AnimeMaker review

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What explains our feelings and emotions better than animated clips? These clips can be of any kind, simple and artistic or loud and colorful. However, the major question running in most of our heads is that how to get these emotions up and running?

Well, AnimeMaker is an art and design application, which allows you to do much more with just your smartphone. Create your own animated clips and share it with your friends and the world. Need an apt reply, but have an image and not the correct words to describe; this app will be your friend and give you what the platform to express yourself!

Interface – 7/10

This app has a classic minimal design. With the iconic design of sketchbooks and notebooks, this app will give you the comfort and the space to get your ideas down. Furthermore, the navigation through the app is simple.

You can easily access the various settings and controls of the app from the app’s menus and home screen. This app also allows you to view your work and enables you to share them directly. Making stick figures or genuine anime characters, this application is suitable for all.

Menus and Features – 6/10

This application’s menus could be better if they came with the option of changing the language. Other than that, this application allows you to set the motion time of your anime.

Like a flipbook, your ideas and design will come alive when you save the template. Other than this, the application allows you to use the eraser, allows you to choose the width of the brush and also has the option of using colors to improve your experience.

Additionally, this app allows you to adjust the timing, helps you in setting the timing for your animation and gives you the power to use duplicate frames.

Usability – 7/10

The application is easy to use and simply designed. With multiple interactive features, the app not only empowers the users to make whatever they please but also allows them to save it and share it with others. The animation can be uploaded to the main website linked to the application, and the users can get in touch with each other with the help of comments.

Any Glitches? – 7/10

The application is simple, smooth and light. There is hardly any room for glitches. The reviews for the app are nothing short of spectacular. Additionally, you may encounter some problems, as it goes with every app. There may be some lags and inconsistencies, but that will not be a prevailing factor in this particular application.

Device Compatible

The AnimeMaker app can be used on all Android devices with Android 4.1 and up versions.

Is it any good?

Honestly, this application is pretty much amazing. However, the only problem is that this app does not have English options for the animation settings. The user can pretty much find everything in the app, but may not understand the settings right away. Trial and error will fix this issue, but it may irritate you as well.


  • Multiple features for drawing and coloring
  • The application has no glitches


  • Not suitable for users who can read only English
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